Training at Mu-Sa Total Martial Arts is more than just another after school activity...


Mu-Sa Total Martial Arts

Our program offers you a great opportunity to strengthen your body, mind, and spirit – and of course, to have fun and make new friends.

Explore to learn more about Mu-Sa Total Martial Arts; our curriculum, our dojang (school) and how Tae Kwon Do can help improve the lives of you and your family.


Mu-Sa Total Martial Art is more than just kicking and punching. Every class is led by a certified Master / Instructor and includes not only physical training but teaches how to build confidence, focus, respect, and determination that will continue on lifelong.

We blend the best of traditional and sport Tae Kwon Do, as learned and taught in Korea, with the best in fitness, fun, and the continuous evolution happening to the art.